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What's with the name LBRY?

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How do you pronounce LBRY?

Pronounce LBRY just as you would pronounce "library." It's not an acronym or initialism, though it is spelled with all capital letters.

Why is LBRY named LBRY?

At its core, LBRY is internet protocol, similar to the HTTP you may have seen in web addresses. Every piece of content on the internet is found at a special address called a URI, or Uniform Resource Identifier. Web sites use HTTP addresses, like, but LBRY content uses special LBRY addresses, like lbry://examplecatvideo. LBRY addresses have special functionality that HTTP addresses don't, and that functionality powers one of LBRY's most important differences from sites like Youtube, Netflix, or Vimeo: decentralization. No single company or organization has power over the LBRY network or the content that it delivers, and we believe that is extremely important. Learn more about LBRY's addresses here. The LBRY protocol also includes built-in payment options, so content creators don't need to rely on advertising or third-party services to make money from their work.

LBRY is of course a nod to "library," which reflects our mission to be the internet's library: every film, song, book, and app ever made – available anywhere. Our vision for LBRY is to create a massive media repository built on a decentralized network controlled by its users.

Learn what makes LBRY unique.

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