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LBRY Means Business With Addition of Josh Finer, MBA

Samuel Bryan • Jan 6 2016

Every team needs a guy who can do stuff.

All kinds of stuff.

We're excited to announce that Josh Finer will be "that guy" on the LBRY team.

Finer's official title is Chief Growth Officer, but we just think of him as Mr. Problem Solver.

LBRY's Chief Growth Officer, Josh Finer

Josh is as comfortable in the suit-and-tie world of business and finance as he is in the nerdy world of computers and coding. As he put it, "Walking the line between technical and business issues is my pastime."

That means Josh brings a lot to the LBRY table. His expertise runs the gamut from finance, to programming, to advertising, to internet traffic conversion.

Josh started using the Internet in 1990 when he was about 13 years old, utilizing free university dial-up access to telnet to multi-user-dungeon games. You could say he's grown up with the World Wide Web. That makes him a natural fit for a startup looking to revolutionize information and content sharing on the Internet.

Josh has come a long way from playing online dungeon games. He developed a fascination with cryptocurrency in 2013 and got involved in the crypto world early on. He rapidly constructed a 5TH/s SHA mini-farm as well as a 100MH/s Scrypt GPU farm.

He had thought about joining a crypto-team, but failed to see the right combination of people, skills and technologies – until he was introduced to LBRY:

"LBRY has bright, motivated people and sits at the convergence of two important technologies: blockchain and p2p. I was immediately attracted to the technology, but the team really put me over the top. They are technical and diverse, but perhaps most of all, passionate about what they are doing," Josh explained.

It wasn't only the people who caught Josh's attention. He said the revolutionary potential of the LBRY platform was a major selling point: "LBRY has the potential to both unlock a ton of currently unavailable content, as well as increase the efficiency of content distribution as a whole."

On top of his technical and business savvy, Josh loves animals. And who doesn't like a guy who has a soft spot for kittens and puppies, right? In fact, Josh loves animals so much that he founded a successful business to help vets run their practices. Veterinary Payments of America processes millions of dollars in electronic payments for veterinary clinics and hospitals nationwide.

In addition to cofounding Veterinary Payments of America, Josh serves as president for Finer Payments, a more broad-based credit card processing company and Finer Technologies, a boutique Google AdWords Agency and Internet consultancy. He has also been involved in a number of other financial and Internet-based companies.

Mike Vine, LBRY's Technology Evangelist, said that he is thrilled to have a professional jack-of-all-trades on the team:

"We've only just started working together, and I already see what Josh brings to the project. I am anxious to tell the world about using a blockchain to deliver content into every living room, and Josh is going to make sure that message reaches key audiences. We're looking for developers, artists, and investors to come together to make this work. We're already moving forward, but Josh will turn our steps into leaps."

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