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Web 3.0 with Albert K Lu: Movies, Songs, and Books with No Gatekeepers (Sorry iTunes)

Samuel Bryan • Dec 9 2015

Still trying to wrap your head around LBRY? Mike Vine, our Technology Evangelist, explained the nuts and bolt in this interview with Albert K. Lu on The Power & Market Report. Vine emphasized that LBRY's vision is to create a decentralized standard for sharing content in an increasingly centralized Internet:

"One of the key pieces of what I'm calling 'web 3.0' – this new, completely decentralized Internet that runs on blockchains – is that in the world we live in, unfortunately, centralization presents certain risks that are just unavoidable. You can have the most benevolent company in the world, but if a government comes knocking and says, 'You need to take down that content, or we're going to shut down your bank account,' or 'You need to stop accepting Bitcoin, or we're going to put you out of business,' [the company will] generally make the rational choice to continue and deal with that. But that makes us all vulnerable."

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Much of our writing is a collaboration between LBRY team members, so we use SamueL BRYan to share credit. Sam has become a friend... an imaginary friend... even though we're adults...