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Filthy Casual

Reilly Smith • Mar 2 2017

Gaming. It's arguably more important than getting adequate nutrition.

So, we're adding it to the LBRY menu.

TV, movies, and even funny videos have been around for decades--even before the internet. But from rose a new genre: the streamer. And it has changed the landscape of internet content forever. Now, everyone can sit on your couch as you wreck noobs.

We welcome LBRY's first game streamer, Oh Gee Geo.

There's only one problem: he's not a Genji main. He's not going to rush your base. He can't 360 no scope. He needs you, young padawan, to teach him your ways!

Oh Gee Geo Oh Gee Geo

When I saw LBRY I immediately saw the potential for the democratization of content distribution... Content creators are empowered to set their own market for their content. -OhGeeGeo

Join OhGeeGeo as he streams RTS and MOBAs while learning from the young guns how to really play the hottest new games.

Games so hot, his rig overheats because it can't run them.

I (Reilly) will also be doing a new stream with OhGeeGeo as he learns to master Rocket League starting mid-March!

Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Monetize your stream archives by syncing your channel with /youtube or email to learn more.

Photo of Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith · · ·

For nearly a decade, Reilly has developed, produced, championed and contributed to dozens of film projects big and small.

The only thing that rivals his love of film is the marriage between content and blockchain.

If you come from the world of film, television or web content, he's your sherpa on Mount Blockchain.

Reilly's work has been seen from Oxford, Mississippi to Sundance Film Festival, and he has produced content for Fox Digital Studios and Disney LOL.